Salem restaurants

There are a ton of great restaurants in Salem. Here’s the scoop folks: Salemites love to eat. Every time a new restaurant opens in town, it’s jam packed with people for at least two solid months. This list is sort of in order of my favorite places to eat.

The key to Cory’s heart is his stomach

  1. Kwan’s –  Best when Mr. Kwan himself greets you table-side for an uncomfortably long time.
  2. Flight Deck – Great for a Sunday bloody mary with breakfast and a reminder that no one flies in or out of Salem.
  3. India Palace – I heard a rumor they had a recent fire. The decor desperately needed to be burned, but I hope no one was injured.
  4. Rolling Bagels – Family owned business with delicious soups in one of the worst parking lots in town.  Don’t drive over the puddle. You’ll regret  it. I think they’re colluding with the Les Schwabb next door. Hmmm.
  5. Fuji RicetimeDelicious, but I never seem to make it there. If you can get one of the booths, do it!
  6. Annette’s Westgate Cafe – It’s against my morals to split a meal, but you could probably get away with it here. Also, they have salad bar. 
  7. Marco Polo – Prepare to be handed 175 menus when you arrive. If you have a food ish, go here. You won’t have to trouble the waitress with your diet plan.
  8. Muchas Gracias – You’re welcome. Might as well put this one in quotes, because you’ll be saying it to me by the end of your burrito. 
  9. Nagoya – Brand-new, gorgeous, atmosphere, teppanyaki — you really can’t go wrong. I was a bit nervous when a white guy showed up to make my meal, but it turned out okay. Prepare for an overdraft when you receive the bill.
  10. Lan Xang – Safety green walls, coupled with wood lacquered tables makes the decor of this place… stand out. Food is delicious, and the pop music videos playing above the register are even better.

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